types of jobs in the school district


new employees in the school district


people employed by the district, including as needed

Volunteer hours


hours from community members coming into schools to volunteer


hours of FPCHS students volunteering out into the community


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total hours of High School students volunteering out into the community

“Going through the Fire Academy was a life changing experience. During the program, I was given the tools to start my career right out of high school. Since getting hired with Flagler County Fire Rescue, I have only built upon the things I learned while at the academy. The program is both challenging and rewarding. In my opinion, the academy is a blessing.”

Noah Dunaway
2019 FPC Fire Leadership Graduate

Largest employer

Flagler Schools
employs nearly 2500 people in more than 200 types of jobs across the district. We employ mechanics, nurses, dieticians, accountants, and many more skill sets.  Our families live, work, shop, and play in Flagler County.    


Total Personnel Salaries and Benefits