Mentor Programs

Flagler Schools has made a priority of cultivating partnerships in the community to create a strong network of mentors. It is through these partnerships that members of our community have dedicated themselves to being a part of the personal network our youth are creating on their road to career readiness and success.

Some of the individual mentor opportunities available are Take Stock in Children, African American Mentoring Program, Reading Pals, and Inspire Our Youth. Additionally, experts in their fields work side by side with students in our Classroom to Career Flagship Programs.

Take Stock in Children

Take Stock in Children (TSIC) is a state wide mentoring program offered in every county in the State of Florida. The program gives low income at risk students the opportunity to achieve a successful education in high school and beyond. The program provides individual mentors, in school support, and paid college tuition scholarships. Students meet weekly with a mentor, remain drug free, and complete required education workshops.

The Flagler County Education Foundation TSIC program started in 2000. Our local program has had a 98% graduation rate with students successfully completing the TSIC program and graduating from high school. The Foundation has received the Gold Level Excellence Award since 2014 and also the Luminary Award in 2016-17 & 2017-18. These are the highest awards possible from the statewide TSIC program. Our goal is to increase our high school student involvement from 78 to 100 students over the next two years. Seven students graduated from the program in 2017-18.


Current number of TSIC mentors


hours mentored in 2017-2018 for TSIC


Flagler School TSIC students have graduated from the program


Flagler School TSIC students have graduated from college

Intern for a Day

Students from both high schools in Classroom to Careers Flagship programs gain real-life experience in local businesses during a one day Intern for a Day trip. They are given an opportunity to interact with employees and observe a wide variety of career paths at each business. Students have reported strong approval of our collaboration with Career Source to provide 20 students with a day-long, hands-on experience at a local business.

In the debrief at the end of the day, students learn about certification programs and coursework that would prepare them for various careers they experienced that day.

Connect Bus

The Connect Bus is a mobile platform able to go to any part of the county for use as an outreach tool. The Connect Bus can hold up to fifteen people comfortably, and can be set up with computers & internet when needed. The bus is a great opportunity to bring Flagler Schools and its programs to the community. It was used during kindergarten registration at local day care facilities to provide convenient access and support our busy families. The bus has three corporate sponsors that help keep the bus rolling: Ameris Bank, Stewart Marchman Act Behavioral Healthcare, and United Way Volusia-Flagler.


The STUFF Bus is a program to help support our students and teachers. The program started as a result of the high percentage of students in Flagler County on free or reduced lunch, which is now approximately 64% of its students.

The Flagler County Education Foundation jumped into action after Hurricane Irma, the second hurricane in twelve months, devastated large portions of Flagler County. The life essentials and school supplies collected by the STUFF Bus program were packed into over six hundred bags and handed out to the families hit the hardest. Students, school staff and volunteers helped fill bags and hand them out in two sections of the county that flooded after Irma.

It is our goal to make sure every student is prepared for school to succeed regardless of their socioeconomic status.

Josh Crews Writing

The Flagler County Education Foundation recognizes the importance of strong writing skills among our students. Each school works with students to publish an anthology of writing, culminating with a giant book-signing event recognizing our student-authors.

The program is in honor and memory of Josh Crews, an extraordinary writer and avid reader who died in 2010. It was through his love of reading and writing that this program was created. We are now in our 7th year of the program.